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Your dreams are limitless. Access to capital that can make those dreams come true isn’t.

The key to getting the essential funding to sustain and grow your vision is a solid financial foundation built on expert guidance. The passion, persistence, and energy that you invest in your business deserves nothing less. 

Whether you’re just starting, planning to scale your business, or looking to improve your overall performance, we can help.

Sandy Petty


About Us

Our team of top-shelf CPAs is here to offer the accounting, bookkeeping, and advisory services to help you realize the dreams you have today – and prepare for the growth on your horizon.

Accounting Services

We apply detailed and disciplined attention to the essentials to give you an accurate, nuanced view of your financial activity that goes beyond simple record keeping.

Business Advisory

Our expertise in business processes, operations, human resources, and systems integration provides well-rounded business management support that breeds success.


Our Signature Process

Our multi-step assessment of your financial condition is the template for that critical foundation. The result: real-time financial information that enables you to forecast with ease, accuracy, and clarity, keeping you focused on your goals.

  1. Diagnose issues
    We analyze and troubleshoot your company’s financials.
  2. Determine causality and concerns
    We identify the root causes of any irregularities we discover.
  3. Develop a strategic plan and timeline
    We present corrective actions and an implementation schedule.
  4. Execute the strategic plan
    We put the plan into action.
  5. Select ongoing advisory services
    Together, we’ll choose the most effective services for optimizing your financial infrastructure.


What Our Clients Say


The team at Executive Financial Partners is more than just a CPA firm they care and develop confidence in a professional relationship. We can, without reservation recommend them and their team for any financial management need you have. We will be happy to speak to you directly regarding our experience.

Asa, Crossville


So one of the things that most impressed me about working with executive financial partners and with Sandy was that she is a badass woman. She is an example of the type of woman leader, working entrepreneur, self-employed businesswoman that I want to surround myself with.

Marissa F.

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