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Business Consulting

Business Consulting in Atlanta to Grow Your Profit Margin

Whether you’re the proud owner of an established business or a fresh new start up, professional business consulting offers many benefits. Executive Financial Partners is an experienced accounting firm that can help you evaluate, optimize, and empower your company. Utilize our services to streamline operations and finances, and help your business become a stronger competitor in your market.

Our insightful approach and personalized strategies help businesses at varying stages, whether they are a brick-and-mortar or exclusively online. Get the help you need to take your business to the next level. Contact Executive Financial Partners to schedule your consultation today.

Personalized Business Consulting Services in Charlotte

A detailed business plan is the cornerstone of a successful venture.

Often, the beginning stages of a business are imperative for setting your venture on the right path. We at Executive Financial Partners take the time to get to know you and your business, discussing future goals and past performance, as well as analyzing your operations to identify areas that benefit from new processes.

New Business Formation

Settling on a structure for your new business entity is one of the most important decisions an entrepreneur makes. Your options depend on what type of company you’re starting, as well as how you want to structure the taxes and ownership of the venture.

If you are the owner and only employee of your business, a Sole Proprietorship is likely your best choice. But what if you intend to expand in the future? It may be in your best interest to file as an LLC for the liability protection it provides.

There are even a variety of advanced strategies that transition your business from one entity to another for maximum tax efficiency.

Take Your Business Success to the Next Level with Executive Financial Partners

Our Atlanta CPAs want to see you succeed. We go above and beyond with our efforts, always giving you wise advice, accurate data, and strategic plans for success.

Anthony and Sandy Petty pride themselves on their friendly, honest, and personable service. Business consulting from Executive Financial Partners gives entrepreneurs peace of mind. Contact us to schedule your complimentary consultation.

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