Your processes seemed to be working well and your business tasks felt streamlined, but recently your employees have faced more challenges or things don’t seem as efficient as they once were. If your small business feels like this, it is likely time to look back at those processes and analyze how well they are working … Read more

Any owner of a small business knows exactly how many hours are in a day – and how many more they would like to add. When running a business, there is more than enough to fill the day-to-day.  Due to that overwhelming schedule, tracking financials are placed farther down on the list, or the owner … Read more

The cloud has changed the way we conduct our lives, both personal and professional. You may not even think about how often you use the cloud on a daily basis, whether it is through social media apps, mobile banking, or checking email.  Many businesses continue to use more traditional accounting systems. Yet, cloud accounting continues … Read more

As your business begins to grow, financial tasks are simply added to your to-do lists and are, for the most part, manageable. The growth continues, yet, as the owner, your priorities are building a skilled team to maintain that growth and expanding a client base. Now, when you need even more financial expertise, you have … Read more

A Fractional CFO is a perfect solution for a growing company without the resources or need for a full-time Chief Financial Officer. They have the expertise and experience to take your business to the next level while you remain focused on the aspects of your business you are passionate about. However, though Fractional CFOs are … Read more

Traditionally, most people have assumed that hiring a Chief Financial Officer (CFO) is something only large-scale businesses have the ability to do. However, over the past 15 years, Fractional CFOs have risen in popularity as a way to make CFO services available to any sized business. The truth is that every business will benefit from … Read more

When a business is in its infancy, the owner usually does it all, including managing the finances and planning for the future. However, there comes a point in that business’ growth where the entrepreneur needs the input and expertise a Chief Financial Officer (CFO) would offer. For many small businesses, spending a full salary along … Read more

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