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If you’re looking to scale, need funding, want to save on taxes or are looking to gain a tactical advantage then you need the metrics, reports and dashboards that keep your business on the right track.


Discover the 6 zones of business performance and get a score in each zone to see where you need to improve
How to establish high level goals for your business so you know exactly where you want to go
Discover where the pain points are in your business and create a plan to fix them
Strategies and next actions on how to improve each high value priority area for your business
Find areas for improved efficiency and effectiveness, improving your bottom line without wasting any time, money or energy

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The team at EFP are more than just a CPA firm they care and develop a confidence in a professional relationship. We can, without reservation recommend EFP and their team for any financial management need you have are will be happy to speak to you directly regarding our experience.

Asa, Crossville


So one of the things that most impressed me about working with executive financial partners and with Sandy was that she is a badass woman. She is an example of the type of woman leader, working entrepreneur, self-employed businesswoman that I want to surround myself with.

Marissa F.

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